We As Art, We As Artists was formed in September of 2011 in the lead up to the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival. It began as an idea formed by singer-songwriter Mary Webb atop a bicycle late at night. Within the week, Mary had a talented team of musicians and visual artists on board and a last-minute Fringe application in the post.

The idea was to take the original songs of six singer-songwriters, who normally perform solo, and arrange them for six part harmony, cello, violin and percussion. The purpose was to let the songs live and breathe in a way that isn’t possible when played solo. Visual art was then incorporated, with an exhibition of related artworks and live sketching during each show.

Each year, a group of 7-15 artists co-creates a show to perform. The cast is split across two states (South Australia and Victoria), which presents challenges, but also opportunities to be creative about the ways we work. We have now performed six seasons for We As Art, We As Artists. With each new show, the idea evolves, bringing different art forms, primarily music, visual art and movement, closer together. In 2016, we presented ‘Counterpoint’ at Fringeworld in Perth, as well as at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

We As Art, We As Artists 2015-16 – ‘Counterpoint’

WaAWaA presents a colourful and elegant blend of dynamic movement, acroyoga, music, visual art and body painting which explores the nature of and boundaries between dichotomies such as day/night, sun/moon, masculine/feminine, and moves towards eventual dissolution of these boundaries. “…esthetically pleasing and technically brilliant” – Fringe Review 2014

We As Art, We As Artists 2014 – ‘Temporal Cocoon’

“Temporal Cocoon explores continuity, illumination and primordial experience through a combination of music, dance, visual art and percussion using found objects. Come prepared to be immersed in sound and  colour!”

Temporal Cocoon is the third show from multi-arts company We As Art, We As Artists. Combining a variety of art forms, though grown from the music of local singer-songwriters, the show moves through a life from beginning to end, from blank slate to a colourful, dynamic being. There are moments of intense exploration and self-discovery, alongside moments of stillness and relative quiet. The being retreats back to her cocoon to prepare for big changes, emerging only when she is ready. When exploring her self and her environment, she tries on styles, moods, colours, sounds, attitudes and ways of moving, keeping some and discarding others until she is her true self, confident and wise. The space is created for the audience to feel they are on this journey with her, knowing her struggles, revelling in her joys, grieving her losses. The original songs narrate the journey, guiding her, accompanying her, following her. Explore her world with us though music, movement, body painting and percussion.

We As Art, We As Artists 2013 – ‘Drawing Breath’

‘Drawing Breath’, chapter two of collaborative project ‘We as Art, We as Artists’ blends original music, visual art and movement to provide you with a wholesome arts experience. Bathe in gorgeous six part harmonies, live art and story through movement.

We As Art, We As Artists 2012

Live at the eclectic Grace Emily Hotel, six diverse singer-songwriters, usually writing and performing alone, join together with guest musicians and visual artists to delight, move and entertain you with their original songs, specially arranged for six voices, percussion and strings. Come along, let us paint you a picture.