Moving back to Melbourne

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After more than 4 years living back in my hometown of Adelaide, my wife and I are now living in Melbourne. ‘Again’ for me, but a first for her. Adelaide had grown on me and I was, in many ways, sad to leave. We had a beautiful community there, and I got to spend a lot more time with my family. The city has also really come alive in recent years. It’s hard not to think of it as its own person, with a personality that changes over time. It used to be quiet, shy, sleepy. Young people would go to Melbourne for the weekend just to go shopping, and others would move away, deciding it had nothing to offer them at that stage of life. It has a vibrant artistic and social energy now, with lots of small bars¬†having opened up in the city, lots of gigs and events, and a growing alternative scene around the beautiful Adelaide Hills including natural winemaking. It feels like people are finally realising how much it does have to offer, and what an amazing lifestyle you can have there. Adelaide has for a long time been the city that other cities like to ridicule, and the hate came from inside too. But it has grown into itself now. It knows its value and it is confident, proud. For me, it has never been a competition. I feel at home in different ways in the two cities, I love them for different reasons. Wherever I am, I revel in it. I’m happy to be living in Melbourne again, warming my freezing hands and feet with robust conversations and the energy of meeting new people and being reunited with old friends. I am looking forward to getting to know this new(ish) home even better now. I have a feeling this relationship will only grow stronger and deeper with time. Let’s see, eh?

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